Atlantic Dawn


Consistent high quality and freshness are ensured by immediate processing and freezing either ashore or at sea. Products are either frozen whole round or cut to customer requirements. We can offer H&G, HGT, HOG, Deli, Side Fillets, and Butterfly Flaps. Offers of any particular products is subject to availability of raw material.

Please contact us with details of your specific requirements.

Below is a list of species that we can offer.

Sourced from the oceans and delivered with
Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
  Name Latin Name
d Atlantic Mackerel Scomber Scombrus
d Sardinella Sardinella Aurita
d Horse Mackerel / Scad Trachurus Trachurus
d Herring Clupea Harengus
d Spanish (Colias) Mackerel Scomber Japonicus
d Blue Whiting Micromestisius Poutassou
d Silver Smelt Argentina Silus
d Sardine / Pilchard Sardina Pilchardus
d Sprat Spratus Spratus
d Saithe Pollachius virens
d Bonito Sarda sarda
d Capelin Mallotus Villosus