Atlantic Dawn

Environmental Policy

Atlantic Dawn is committed to sustainable fishing practices. All our fishing activities are conducted under strict licencing conditions. Satelite monitoring, minimum mesh size, control on jeuvenile catch, restricted / closed areas, catch quotas, government observers, controls on discards, log book reporting, capacity limitations and landing inspections/controls all form part of the regulations governing our activities.

Pelagic fisheries are highly targeted with negligible incidence of inadvertent bycatch. By working within our quota allocations and only catching targeted species we ensure that our fishing activities are sustainable.

The internationally recognized Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) already independently certifies a number of the fisheries we are active in as sustainable fisheries. Work is already in progress at industry level to gain MSC status for additional fisheries we are engaged in.

All Atlantic Dawn freezing systems utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants, CO2 and Ammonia.